Leveraging your time

Time leverage
How much time can we save in a day? No matter how motivated or educated a person is, he or she still only has 24 hours in a day, so how do they use those hours to get so much more output than the average person?
A lever is a device that multiplies the effort applied. Archimedes once stated: If I had a lever long enough I could move the world. The concept is the same for the better output. If we apply enough leverage then we can achieve more than any level of productivity that we imagine.
There will always be a way to fit whatever short and long term plans you have into your life. We may have to delegate, delete or DO (!) but we can leverage our lives for maximum personal gain.


Happy Talk

What’s the difference between an optimist and a pessimist ? I say that an optimist has learnt the skill of convincing themselves that everything is A+++ and a pessimist has convinced themselves that everything is C—. Who is right ?? Who knows ?? Who is happier ?? For sure the optimist. So tap into your inner happy guy and spout some happy talk. Pat yourself on the back for putting your dishes in the sink, don’t berate yourself for going to sleep late and just give yourself a break. Indeed you may not be making any huge changes in the world around you but you might just be making your world a happier space.


Keys are sweet little guys that magically turn into evil super villians intent on destruction when lost !! Prevent the release of the evil villians by choosing one place that you always use for when you are out of the house and another for when you are home. Many of us have a few ‘key’ (excuse the pun) places, but that can lead to confusion. So commit today to one key place and keep those super villians away!

Your time, your space, your life

okay .. i finally joined the ranks of bloggers. thanks to my bro-in-law dovid who got me started …. you were right … it did take 3 minutes. So i’m going to be solving the worlds time, space and life challenges for 7 minutes a day. feel free to send me an email with your time management or organizing issue and i’ll search the inner recesses of my brain for an intriguing answer.