Minimize Packing -and Maximise Your Trip

It seems that the Airlines have done us all a huge favour. Starting this summer most airlines will be charging us for a second piece of luggage. We have become such ‘what if’ packers. What if it rains, what if it snows, what if there is a heat wave .. by the time we have finished packing we look like we are emigrating. And who even uses half the items we pack !! Bottom line is that from now onwards we will be more inclined to think what we will really be needing, and pack accordingly. Consider this : It makes packing quicker, a more efficient use of space, less shlepping, less unpacking and much freer on the mind. Thank you dear airlines, thank you.


Minimizing Your Papers In A ‘Print This For Your Records’ Society

Chances are that the last time you made an order online that you were advised to ‘Print This For Your Records’ . Well, thank you but maybe ‘they’ are not aware that in order for your records to be organized, papers cannot be printed at whim. Now you do need the order number but not necessarily the paper under the ink. Sooooooo go ahead and add a new entry in your Microsoft Outlook contacts called ‘Orders’. (Or in your planner on a spare page). The next time you make an order simply copy the order number, the date of purchase, date of expected delivery, the company and the 1- 800 number. Then when the parcel arrives you can simply delete that particular entry. Or if The Powers That Be decide that your package is taking a short tour through Mozambique you have all the information at your finger tips to contact the company …… and an extra sheet of paper in your printer and one less paper on your desk.

To Do List Know How – Step 2

Now that you have written down everything in your ‘to do’ list in your mind you should start to feel at least 10 years younger both in mind and spirit. 🙂 Now there are two important steps …. firstly – don’t lose that ‘to do’ list …. we’re going to be working with that list very closely soon. Secondly … Just for right now enjoy your mind again and now that it is unburdened pay close attention to it. We’ll give it a short vacation and start maximizing it in the next post.

April 15th – Don’t Sweat The Tax Stuff

If you yet to file your taxes … worry not. Simply make a commitment to label a specific file in your file cabinet or manilla envelope on a shelf Taxes 2007 and slowly put the correct papers there. You know what 90% of the items needed are and can either google or ask your accountant the rest. For next year start saving receipts in the same manner labelled Taxes 2008 right now and be vigilant about putting receipts in there throughout the year. It is a much smoother process when we throw receipts in as we go. Just remember that taxes are meant to be paid in dollars – not in stress.

To Do List Know How – Step 1

Do you know how to manage your ‘to-do’ list ? Chances are you are like the rest of the world and have your ‘to-do’ list partially in your mind and partially in a few different note pads / scraps of paper/ back of envelopes. While it’s nice to be part of the majority .. it is also nice to be efficient. So the next time your mind is focused take a specific pad and write e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g- down. You will feel wonderful. Write it all down …. everything from A-Z. Once you have finished leave the pad in an easily accessible place and add to it whenever you remember something else. Your mind will thank you for easing the burden it is has been carrying in it’s short term memory. Now that the note pad is taking care of your mammoth list your mind will be able to assist you in numerous other ways.

The Five Minutes Challenge

With so much to get done it can be easier to add them to our ‘to do’ list than to address them right away. To be more time savvy and to protect your ‘to do’ list from looking like a small thesis try the following …. when you are a little more time wealthy give yourself ‘The Five Minute Challenge’. Take a timer and give yourself 5 minutes to do a specific job ….. make the beds in the house, throw on a soup, water the house plants, clean out the fridge, make that yucky phone call .. or write your blog. It’s really quite liberating and you will see how much clearer your brain is without all those extra ‘to do’ items floating around.

Never Underestimate the Power of Blue Tape

Never underestimate the power of blue tape.
You know the blue tape I mean …. the blue painters tape that you pass by in the store. Next time you pass by pick one up and chuck it into your shopping cart. It’s uses are invaluable. It’s known as a painters best friend but it is so much more. It is adhesive but does not leave residue …. so those important papers you really don’t want to forget ?? Throw them into a page protector and tape them to the door. That letter that is waiting for a stamp ?? Blue tape it. On trips they are invaluable to group clothes together as you pack .. so go ahead and take the blue challenge !!