To Do List Know How – Step 1

Do you know how to manage your ‘to-do’ list ? Chances are you are like the rest of the world and have your ‘to-do’ list partially in your mind and partially in a few different note pads / scraps of paper/ back of envelopes. While it’s nice to be part of the majority .. it is also nice to be efficient. So the next time your mind is focused take a specific pad and write e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g- down. You will feel wonderful. Write it all down …. everything from A-Z. Once you have finished leave the pad in an easily accessible place and add to it whenever you remember something else. Your mind will thank you for easing the burden it is has been carrying in it’s short term memory. Now that the note pad is taking care of your mammoth list your mind will be able to assist you in numerous other ways.

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