Minimizing Your Papers In A ‘Print This For Your Records’ Society

Chances are that the last time you made an order online that you were advised to ‘Print This For Your Records’ . Well, thank you but maybe ‘they’ are not aware that in order for your records to be organized, papers cannot be printed at whim. Now you do need the order number but not necessarily the paper under the ink. Sooooooo go ahead and add a new entry in your Microsoft Outlook contacts called ‘Orders’. (Or in your planner on a spare page). The next time you make an order simply copy the order number, the date of purchase, date of expected delivery, the company and the 1- 800 number. Then when the parcel arrives you can simply delete that particular entry. Or if The Powers That Be decide that your package is taking a short tour through Mozambique you have all the information at your finger tips to contact the company …… and an extra sheet of paper in your printer and one less paper on your desk.

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