Think outside the closet

This article was written by Sharon Rosenberg in the Miami Herald a little while back.

An unused shower stall in one of our bathrooms has become a sports center. Hidden behind an elegant shower curtain are scooters, bikes, roller blades and other small items that once cluttered various rooms of our home. The spare shower provides a creative solution to our lack of storage.
Finding hidden storage in unconventional spaces is an ideal solution for apartment and condo dwellers or families in small homes. Even in large homes, unused bathrooms can solve many organizational challenges, according to Rivka Caroline, owner of SoBe Organized in Miami Beach. For instance, a spare bathtub can be converted to a small hidden laundry room, Caroline said. Here’s how: install a second shower curtain rod over the tub and use that rod to hang either wet or dry laundry.
”The trick is to think unconventionally,” Caroline said.
In other areas of the home, ornamental accessories and furniture can provide places to stash things. Near her front door, Caroline uses a beautiful antique desk to keep her family organized and equipped as they walk out the door.
She has it neatly stocked with water bottles, ear pieces for electronic gadgets, phone chargers, flashlights, rain jackets, suntan lotion and other items for family or school outings.
Elegant piano stools also offer options. If the piano is rarely used, consider using the stool for storing other items needed around the home, Caroline said.


A Tidy Car

It’s no fun to drive a clutter mobile. Try this tips for a smoother ride. Firstly, keep old shopping bags within your reach to keep the trash, then use any opportunity along your travels to throw out your trash. There are trash cans littered all over – so use them frequently and try and get used to always getting out your car with items to either throw. Get a hand held vacuum or use one at the garage weekly.

Buy A Plant

Many every day stores now sell plants. If you pass a plant that makes you smile, go ahead and put it in your cart. They breath fresh air into any spot in your home and are good for your home environment too. One secret bonus – they are instant last minute gifts for the birthday or housewarming you forgot 🙂