Waiting In Line

Every once in a while we find ourselves waiting in line. The easy option is to get frustrated and let all those anxiety toxins free in our system. Another option is to think what you could get done in those few minutes. Options include , cleaning out your handbag, writing down 3 key jobs you want to get done today, making a list of phone calls to make or texting someone who would really appreciate being thought of.


Efficient vs Busy

Us humans like to be busy. Busy as a bee. Bees are a good thing. One third of the human food supply depends on insect pollination, most of which is accomplished by bees. The bee colony is an incredibly efficient system with precise division of labour. So each bee is part of a greater system with specific chores to be done. The word efficient comes to mind much more than busy. Busy connotes running around doing work or errands but not necessarily towards one common goal. So the next time you want to be efficient make sure that what you are busying yourself with fits the confines of your greater plan. We have been misled for decades that plain busy is the goal. I suggest we change ‘busy as a bee’ to ‘efficient as an ‘ee ….’ except would that be the correct usage of my time ?

Put your team to work !

Okay – so maybe we don’t have a team of people waiting on us … but consider the machines in your home to be the next best thing. With a little advance planning you can feel like a queen for the day. Decide what soup you are in the mood for tonight … and throw it in the crock pot, decide which items you want to see freshly folded in your closet and throw them in the washing machine, put those dishes in the dish washer …. As you listen to the machines humming you might just smile and enjoy your mini despot moment.

Lessons learnt from making fish soup

You’ve heard of the 30 second sales pitch … I’m the 30 second meal maker. I throw my lentils into a crock pot and run … running, running …. always onto the next pressing matter. My lack of patience in the kitchen combined with my lack of spice knowledge ( hey, I am British) has definitely tested my husband’s love for me . So in honour of our recent wedding anniversary I made him his favourite fish soup. This is a 20 ingredient, 4 hour endeavour. I thought I would be climbing up the walls in the desperation but I was so so so surprised when I actually enjoyed the process. You see, for the first time in forever I was just focusing on ONE thing. One thing – just the recipe and what was going into the pot and when. It was so redeeming. So simple. It was like a massage for my brain. So now I know what I am aiming for in life. I want to delegate delegate delegate until all I have left is one thing on my to-do list. And I am eagerly awaiting the time when I will able to relish in the process of going from A-Z one delicious task at a time.

Spoonful of Sugar

Got a yucky task that wont leave your ‘to – do’ list ? Is this task consistently first on your list ……….. tomorrow ?? Sounds like you need a ‘spoonful of sugar’ to help the medicine go down. Ask yourself what it is worth to you. Need to book a mammogram ? Book it and book a massage for yourself. Meet the accountant ? Call a friend to meet you at that new restaurant. Colonoscopy ? I’d say a weekend in Miami.

Take A Bite

Around our homes, offices and life in general there are an abundance of mental ‘to-do’ lists. Our co-worker compliments our clean desk and we pray they don’t open a messy drawer, a neighbour commends our front yard and we remind ourselves to call the gardener to trim the gaudy tree. Sometimes we let our mental ‘to do’ list take control of our minds. Deal with this the same way you would deal with a chocolate cake … take things one bite at a time. Take heed : unsavoury tasks become much sweeter this way.