Use A Timer

Got a job that needs to get done but you can’t stand to even think about it ( let alone start it ) ?? Set your timer for a bite size increment less than 30 minutes and plan your reward. I say 15 minutes of dusting / filing / scanning deserves an ice cream !


Use Decisions Sparingly

Try and use the ‘decisions’ part of your brain sparingly. Create a wealth of habits that become second nature …. meatballs for supper on Monday, Brown bag tuna sandwich for lunch every Wednesday, going out with your loved one on Sunday night , returning library books on a Tuesday …. By allowing the decision making part of your brain to rest it will be more likely to act in a helpful manner the next time you need it.

Tricking your brain into exercising

We all know the virtues of exercising .. and most people truly want to fit exercise into their lives … but it is easier said than done. One tried and true method that has worked for me is to set my alarm earlier and sneak out early in the morning for a jog ( ok, walk/jog) on the beach. It has been my most successful month ever and I realised why; I am up so early that I am exercising before my brain has a chance to wake up and argue with me . Try it – it works 🙂

Inner Voice

As you will have read in previous blogs I am learning to be really tough about sharing items with others and throwing things out to have less stuff however … when a little voice of reason occasionally says says ‘keep me’ I do listen. Call it instinct, call it inner wisdom. Call it whatever you want, just don’t ignore it !

You don’t do windows …. I don’t do paper

I don’t do paper. I avoid it all costs. I check my mail over a garbage can and throw away whatever I can, I scan everything and own no filing cabinets. Wedding response cards are not allowed to touch a surface and are replied to and put in the mail box the same day. I don’t have a note book or scrap paper on my desk I put all info or lists into the notes sections of my blackberry or create a google doc. Aaah . A paper free life is a happy one.

Be Brutal

We are encouraged to be kind, other focused and thoughtful society … and this is wonderful. However, I encourage us to be brutal in 10 minute increments. Take a black bag and look at every item in a cluttery room straight in the eye. No kindness. No sweetness. Just plain brutality. Do you belong here ? Are you serving a vital purpose ? Are you paying your rent ? If not chuck it or pass it on. Be brutal.

10 minutes a day

Okay, so I came to the conclusion that I am not perfect and do not know it all. It took me a while, but I have arrived. The first area I am working on is procrastination. I don’t have the time to read the books so I bought a 7 set CD by Neil Fiore. I committed to listen in the car for 10 minutes a day and it is really helping. Some how my mind is more receptive when I drive. With a 10 minute commitment I am still able to catch up on the news and make phone calls.