A Commodity We Can Control

In today’s uncertain financial climate we are grasping for something tangible that we can control. One area in which we have total control is our own productivity. It doesn’t take long when speaking to clients to see the contrast between what they want to be doing and what they are doing. ‘”I dream of finding the time for my bike riding every day” said one busy working mother, “My graduate degree seems to be out of my reach with my 2 full time jobs ” said a busy sports coach.
By taking the time to step out of our lives and assess our long and short term goals … we can see which areas need more attention. As we juggle the mechanics of our crazy lives it might seem unrealistic to even find the time to think. Reality check : Look to some-one whose productivity you admire, they too only have 24 hours in their day. By re-assessing where you want to go and how you are going about getting there you are more likely to reach your goal.
It takes courage to look at our schedule and see which areas we can delegate, postpone or delete altogether. We might have done something a certain way for years, it is hard to change. Finding creative ways to reduce the time taken in completing certain tasks in order to free up more free time can be challenging. If our weeks can be compared to a glass with rocks and sand in it. By deciding what is truly important to us we can place those items as the ‘rocks’ in our day and let the sand find it’s way around it. The challenging part can be truthfully assessing what rocks are essential for our well being and productivity.
The benefits of tapping into our personal productivity is a commodity that is guaranteed to yield consistent high returns.

Second Chance for Expired Coupons

I used to have 3 golden rules about coupons. 1) Only clip the ones for products you already use. 2) keep them in your glove compartment in a transparent ziploc 3) prune through them while in line and chuck the expired ones to eliminit clutter. ALL THAT HAS CHANGED !!. I just discovered that troops stationed overseas can use expired coupons in their army stores for 6 months after they have expired. It’s all 100% legal. So here’s what to do …. go to the official website http://www.ocpnet.org/ and choose a base from anywhere around the world, they all have USA mailing addresses. Email them the base you want to send it to. Write the address of the base on the envelope and keep it in a safe place to put unwanted and expired coupons. Don’t send in house manufacturer coupons and do send that envelope out every few months so that you don’t send expired coupons (because even the army can’t use their special departments to change expiration dates on coupons). How redeeming !!!

Downsizing to 100 Square Feet of Bliss

Saw this article on CNN.com

CALISTOGA, California (CNN) — Bill and Sharon Kastrinos practice the ultimate in minimalism. They’ve squeezed into a 154-square-foot home that looks more like a kid’s playhouse than their previous 1,800-square-foot home.

The Kastrinos moved into this tiny home from an 1,800-square-foot place.

With the economy crashing, the Kastrinos traded in their spacious kitchen for one that stretches barely an arm’s length.
It hasn’t been without its challenges, but Sharon Kastrinos says it’s exhilarating to no longer feel compelled to keep up with the Joneses. “There’s a tremendous burden that’s off your shoulders,” she says. “Small is OK, and it might even be better.”
Her husband adds that most Americans “want to be seen in their big house with a big car.” But not them, not anymore.
“I don’t think bigger is better,” he says.

Life Lessons from Randy Pausch

Last week a friend recommended I watch Randy Pausch’s last lecture on theinternet. I am sure many of you will have heard about it because therecording got 10 million hits on the internet and he ended up co-authoring abook with the same title which reached the NY Time best seller list. I didand while the last few minutes are highly emotional and I did find myselfsobbing, I found so many life lessons for myself, my family and myclients. When this popular professor found out he had terminal pancreaticcancer he decided to share his thoughts and life lessons with his formerstudents at Carnegie Mellon and another last lecture at U of V on timemanagement. I would not recommend it to people who are grieving lost ones asit does play with your mind. But for those who don’t mind using a fewtissues I believe that the lessons learned are worth the puffy red eyes.http://download.srv.cs.cmu.edu/~pausch/

Catch Yourself

We are so quick to criticize ourselves and others. Use that same lightning fast ‘why didn’t they …’ that comes to mind and use it to praise ourselves and others. The same brain that mentally critics our co-worker for not handing in time sensitive information can also praise the co-worker who filled the paper in copy machine. It’s really empowering to get caught doing something right. Try it on yourself.