Keep Your Space Organized

We’ve all experienced the embarrassment of losing items …. but this newsflash out of NASA seems to top the list for the public humiliation …..

‘A week after an astronaut accidentally dropped a $100,000 tool bag in space, amateur astronomers said they’ve been monitoring the shiny item from Earth. Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper, who arrived at the international space station via the space shuttle Endeavour, lost the bag during a spacewalk on Nov. 18.’

What lesson can we learn ?? Keep your space organized !


Shopoholic vs Neatnik – Who is happier ?

Researchers at Stanford recently published a paper that suggests that it is not necessarily how many items we have in our closets but how efficiently we store them. They tested people who arranged their clothes into categories ( skirts, dresses, shirts) against a control group who simply purchased more items. The group who organized their items reported a higher level of satisfaction. So the next time your inner shopoholic surfaces consider staying home and organizing your closet … studies show you’ll be happier.

Things to Throw Away Now

Saw this great list by Pamela Redmond Satran.

Things to Throw or Give Away Now

1) Any white shirt that is yellow under the arms

2) Any underwear that you wouldn’t want to be in an accident in

3) Any book that makes you feel guilty when you look at it

4) Any package of flour, sugar, pasta or anything that’s been open for longer than three months.

5) Last year’s spices.

6) Magazines you’ve read twice.

7) Clothes that make you feel bad about your body or your life.

8) Shoes that hurt.

9) Linens that you wouldn’t want your nose buried in for 8 hours.

10) Old mismatched towels that you’re keeping ‘just in case’.

11) Those 28 tiny bottles of body lotion you swiped from hotels and have never gotten around to using.

12) The gifts you hated as soon as you opened them but have felt too guilty to get rid of.

13) The wrapping paper from said gifts.

14) Dried wreathes or bouquets that have become more dust than flower.

15) Any broken lamp or appliance that would cost more to fix than to replace.

16) Anything you use occasionally – pliers, staple remover, apple corer – that you have more than one of.

17) Any photograph you don’t want your grandchildren to remember you by.

Clueless in the Car Park

Okay …. here’s a full confession …. Last month whenever I parked at a big store car park …. I have lost my car. How embarrassing is that !? I am normally either blabbing on the phone or focused on my shopping list when I park … and when i come out of the store am clueless as to where it is. I know roughly where it is …. but that’s not good enough with a cart full of goods when you’re in a rush. After last times humiliating jog in the rain I decided to promise myself next time to take a moment and write in my blackberry or mini notepad where I parked. Yes, it is pathetic and maybe there is a law out there that states that if you can’t remember where you parked then you shouldn’t own a car but it works !!!!! … I am reducing stress by being proactive ….. p.s. don’t worry, I’m consistently excellent (without notes ) at finding my car in my driveway.

Breaking News ~ Container Store 20% off Sale

Hot off the press … there is a special offer in conjunction with Oprah for a 20% reduction from Container Store (aka my favourite organizational store in the world). This doesn’t happen very often at all and it is expiring on November 19th)

Here’s the pertinent info :

.”The Container Store® is stepping up to help you get organized and offering The Oprah Winfrey Show viewers 20 percent off everything in their entire store and online! *For in-store purchases: Print this coupon for 20 percent off and present it during checkout at any Container Store.For online orders:Use promotion code CLUTTERCREW at checkout. Start shopping now!For phone orders:Print this special offer and call 800-733-3532. You must present the bar code number on the offer to the phone representative when placing your order.* Promotion ends at 11:59 p.m. CST Wednesday, November 19, 2008. Printed offer must be present at checkout for in-store purchases. One printed offer per visit. For phone orders, customers must present the bar code number on the printable offer to the phone representative. Offer is not valid on delivery or installation. This offer cannot be redeemed for cash or combined with any other store or online discount, coupon or gift card. This offer cannot be combined with any free shipping offer. It is nontransferrable and is not valid toward previously purchased items. No exceptions. Visit for store locations.

Streamline Baby Gift Giving

You know the scenario already …. your friend/cousin/ associate gives birth. You want to get her something special, practical, personal. Not sure where to get the perfect item … you wait a little .. and a little longer and then cringe when you realize it’s the baby’s First Birthday and you still owe the newborn gift.

We’ve all been there and in retrospect it is way too many decisions to make. It makes sense to streamline the process and bypass the decision making centre in our brains and reduce GBGGA (Global Baby Gift Giving Anxiety).

So here’s my suggestion : Check out They sell high quality baby gifts that they personalize, gift wrap and mail out for you. Choose one baby blanket for example and simply personalize it when baby comes along

(The giraffe blanket featured above are my gift of choice, I have washed the one bought for me over 25 times and it is still butter smooth !!)

Un-Taxing Tax Info

If you didn’t receive your economic stimulus check then you have until Nov 28th ’08. Head to the IRS’s “Where’s My Stimulus Payment?” online tracking tool. There you can check the status of your stimulus check and receive instructions on how to update your address. If you prefer, you can do the same by calling the IRS at (866) 234-2942. Secondly, contact your accountant and make an appointment to file taxes for February. It might not put Wall Street back on it’s feet, but it will certainly make you feel more stable.