Got books ?

Take a look at your bookshelves. Chances are you are in good company with the rest of the world in that they are a tad overstuffed. Consider going through them and handpicking the very best to keep. A book is a bad thing to waste so consider donating your extras to your local school or community college. Another novel ( pun intended) idea is to donate them to prisons. There have to be a few good guys incarcerated who want to use their time productively in the hope of walking a straighter route …. here’s the website.


Be A Helper

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me,‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” –Fred Rogers (2003)

Great use for old greeting cards

Just heard about a program through St Judes where you can mail in old (yes, written on !) greeting cards. As you all know … sometimes going from sideboard to trash is too extreme … but helping out a children’s charity … that’s a different ball game altogether. The charity reuses the front of the card and refurbishes the card and then sells them as a fundraiser. Here’s the website ….

Happiness by Dan Gilbert

Hi All, Wanted to tap into the TED conference energy so watched a great informative 20 min talk by Dan Gilbert from 2004.

Then this story from today’s CNN caught my attention

and I thought the overlap was great. Best wishes,

Today’s Challenge : Buy A Pen

Here’s a challenge …. buy a nice pen.

Okay, that’s not exactly it …. buy a pen and keep it in a great location where you can find it with ease. Then after using it, put it back in that exact same spot …. again and again and again.

As you will find out it’s not that simple. And really in life there is nothing wrong at all with having more than one pen. What is inefficient is buying a 40 pack of pens, not giving them a specific home and then when you need a pen in a hurry and can’t find one hollering frantically ‘ Any-one seen a pen ?’

If you keep up this habit for the next 30 days you will understand the concept of running an efficient home, it’s about having LESS and giving items a specific home.

We’ll build on the concept, but in the mean time … go buy a pen !

The Art of Retrieval

Okay, I’ve worked out how we can save oodles of time and stress ….. by refining the art of retrieval. Let me illustrate … I lock my car and put my car keys on any surface I see when I first enter my house… hang up my cell phone and throw it into the deep abyss of my bag …. finish with the pen and leave it on the sideboard …

Nothing too evil about any of these but when it comes to retrieving those items … each item may take 1 or even 2 minutes each to find. That’s approximately 4 -6 minutes a day. Which adds up to one full day a year …..

Practice the art of mindful pro-active retrieval … have a fixed place for your keys, phone and wallet and enforce them. It will be hard at first to be mindful and take those extra seconds to put them in their place … but the benefits of a more streamlined existence are quite wonderful.