The Art of Retrieval

Okay, I’ve worked out how we can save oodles of time and stress ….. by refining the art of retrieval. Let me illustrate … I lock my car and put my car keys on any surface I see when I first enter my house… hang up my cell phone and throw it into the deep abyss of my bag …. finish with the pen and leave it on the sideboard …

Nothing too evil about any of these but when it comes to retrieving those items … each item may take 1 or even 2 minutes each to find. That’s approximately 4 -6 minutes a day. Which adds up to one full day a year …..

Practice the art of mindful pro-active retrieval … have a fixed place for your keys, phone and wallet and enforce them. It will be hard at first to be mindful and take those extra seconds to put them in their place … but the benefits of a more streamlined existence are quite wonderful.


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