The Importance of Play

An important element of leading a productive life is allowing yourself to have fun. There is a great TED presentation by leading play expert Stuart Brown suggesting how vital play is.


Novel Idea for Record Album Storage Box

Use this Record Album Storage Box for posting your receipts. It works because it is a one step process and if you owned a posting box as a child you’ll find it kinda nostalgic too.

Put Your Inbox On a Diet

Schedule 5 minutes a few times a week to unsubscribe to the emails you no longer read. Many emails have an easy unsubscribe button at the end of the email. Got on the mailing list of your friends-brothers- uncle and feel bad unsubscribing ? Customize this one liner … “Hi – In an attempt to unclog my inbox I am having to unsubscribe for the time being to a number of emails that I am not getting the time to read. Please unsubscribe me from your list. Many thanks “

Great Deal on Personalized Stationery

I’m a stickler for children writing thank you notes. Studies show that children who express gratitude are less likely to suffer from depression as adults. Expressionery has a nice selection and is right now having a sale with 40% off – so you get 50 note cards and envelopes for $22 reduced from $34 …. For larger families consider personalizing with ‘ A Big Thank You From The Smith Kids’ …. Here’s an extra tip – keep some thank you’s in the car on a small clipboard and hand it to the intended child ( addressed and stamped) to write as you are driving.
40% off code is mom40

Scan Snap s510

Since purchasing my scan snap scanner a year and a half ago I have turned into a ‘scanner pusher’. I am so empowered by the lack of a filing cabinet in my life that I find myself convincing virtual strangers to get a scanner. Yes, it is quite scary, but the scanner has definitely changed my life. I love being able to throw everything away and have back up copies on my computer. If you can’t count yourself among the converted check out this youtube video.