Got Your Mouth Full Of Marbles ?

Are You Talking With Your Mouth Full Of Marbles ?

David Allen, the father of GTD ( Get Things Done) recently tweeted the following simple but lucid insight ‘The keyboard is now the optimal communication tool of your life. Typing < 60wpm is like talking w/your mouth full of marbles'.There is a broad range of typists. Those who type apologetically slow with one finger and those who can type as proficiently as any professional pianist. Got some twinges and occasional shooting pain in the wrist, lower arm ? Welcome to the world of early onset carpal tunnel syndrome.It truly pays to see where you fall on the typing continuum and consider upgrading your typing skills and your ergonomic set up. After all, marbles in your mouth can get annoying after a while.


Tips To Avoid Gift Clutter

When was the last time you wanted to give an unexpected gift to some-one ? Chances are you kicked yourself for not having some basic gifts tucked away in a drawer. It can be tricky to keep a few gifts but not have too many items aka gift clutter. My recommendation is to have a handful of items that you can always use yourself should they not see daylight ever again. Some of the top 4 tried and trues are :

1)A pretty orchid, it can hang out in your home until it’s new owner comes along.

2) Tea towels – they don ‘t take up much drawer space and make you look efficient and travel really well.

3) I tune gift cards – they can be mailed easily and are great for teens

4) One pink blanket and one blue blanket or one white blanket for baby gifts.

It’s Not About The New Boxes

It’s not about the new boxes, folders, files or colored labels we buy. It’s not about the new resolutions we make to ‘be organized now!’, It’s about the moment we realize that a streamlined life is one with minimal stuff. It’s about making tough decisions over what will be thrown and what will be giving away. It’s about finding your shoulders soft and relaxed as you enter a de-cluttered space. It’s about finally realizing that less really is more.

Don’t Touch That !!

Don’t touch an item you are not sure if you should buy. Thirty seconds is all it takes to feel attached to an item. Researchers at University of Wisconsin -Madison have proven that you’re 39% more likely to buy an item that you’ve touched. Now go figure how to try on a new pair of shoes without touching them !