Can you afford to waste a dime of time ???

Time is money and quite frankly right now, we don’t have the luxury of wasting a dime of time.

As a nation we are tightening our financial belts, let’s brush up on our time management skills too.

Be honest. If you know you have been a little lax with time in the past, worry not, now it’s fashionable to learn new tricks. Hey, 2 years ago I bet you never thought you would be clipping coupons either.

Suze Orman recently gave this advice about getting out of debt “Stay calm, know your rights and focus on developing a strategy to get out of debt”.

These wise words can be applied to time management.

Stay calm
Don’t feel bad about time wasting tendencies, in today’s high tech world it’s hard not to get drawn into the mesmerizing worlds of online gaming, Facebook and TV.

Know your rights
You are able to reboot your time keeping metabolism. It’s never too late. Think of all those people that loose hundreds of pounds. They lost it calorie by calorie, you can lose it minute by minute.

Develop a strategy to get out of time debt.

Here are five golden tips

1) Markets waiver. Don’t expect perfection.

2) Make a budget. Get a planner of your choice to have a dual function. Firstly to write down your to-do’s in categories. And secondly to log your appointments and write down your chunks of time to focus on specific work. Make sure to include something fun for each day too.

3) Keep saving. When working, minimize interruptions by turning off your Email, Facebook, twitter and text notifications.

4) Petty cash. Allow yourself a reasonable amount of time in the evening to waste. Set the timer and Facebook or play online backgammon to your hearts content … until the timer rings. Then tell yourself that you’ll have the same reward tomorrow night.

5) Review your investments. Look back over your day and see which areas you made the right choices in and in which areas you need to have greater control tomorrow.

Like changing any habit, this isn’t going to be pretty. But just like the time you saved those quarters until you could change it in for a dollar, the end results are well worth the discipline.

{Many thanks to Lisa Mark and Monica Ricci for the Facebook chat that inspired this blog.}


Do You Ever Feel Like Kicking Yourself ?

Do You Ever Feel Like Kicking Yourself ?

Chances are you do, because most of us do. If only I would have thought things through. If only I would have paid more attention. If only, If Only , If Only …….

If only we knew it all, if only we were superhuman. But we’re not.

So next time you catch yourself wanting to kick yourself, consider simply allowing yourself to be human and instead of kicking yourself play all that ‘kicking energy’ forward to take you closer to the place where you want to be.

A Self Discipline Aha Moment

Q : I’ve recently begun to sleep through my alarm. Any tips for enhancing self discipline ?

A : Self-discipline is the key to cracking the code on many of the nasty little mental habits that keep us feeling miserable and out of control. It’s a simple fact of life that the more you practice anything, the easier it gets. If you practice sleeping through your alarm, it gets easier. If you practice getting up, that gets easier, too. Try implementing more self discipline in one area of your life and watch it spill over onto other areas too. Remember : Your brain learns whether you are trying to teach it or not.

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Positive Psychology

Question : I’m hearing more about Positive Psychology. Can you tell me more about it ?

Answer : Sure. Positive Psychology (PP) holds the view that each person has strengths and weaknesses but all too often we play to our weaknesses. A PP counselor teaches people to identify and play towards their strengths. The landmark book by Dr Martin Seligman Learned Optimism explains in more detail how to live an empowered life. Here’s a handy synopsis complied by Dave Shearon.


Q : What’s your opinion on multi tasking ? Good or bad ?

A : There are multiple levels of multi-tasking. Multi-tasking such as texting and driving is an absolute no-no. People should not consider even driving and talking – see research below *. If your life is particularly demanding try pairing a brainy activity with a no-brain activity – such as speaking on the phone and peeling the carrots. However in the perfect world we would definitely want to complete one task before we start another.

*Until researchers started measuring the effects of cell phone distractions under controlled conditions, nobody had any idea how profoundly they can impair a driver. It’s like driving drunk … Cell-phone talkers are a half-second slower to hit the brakes in emergencies, slower to return to normal speed after an emergency, and more wild in their “following distance” behind the vehicle in front of them… More than 50% of the visual cues spotted by attentive drivers are missed by cell-phone talkers. Not surprisingly, they get in more wrecks than anyone except very drunk drivers.
(John Medina, Brain Rules)

Great Expectations

Couldn’t resist sharing this nugget ………. from Ed Weiner in the New York Times

Mysterious are the ways of human happiness, as anyone who has surveyed the perplexing, often contradictory research findings can attest. But one nugget in particular truly boggles: Denmark is the happiest nation in the world. More than two-thirds of Danes report being “very satisfied with their lives,” according to the Eurobarometer Survey, a figure that has held steady for more than 30 years. True, Danes tend to be healthy, married and active — all contributing factors to happiness.

But why, researchers wondered, are Danes happier than Finns and Swedes, who share many of these traits, not to mention a similar culture and climate?

The answer is, in a word, expectations. Danes have low expectations and so “year after year they are pleasantly surprised to find out that not everything is rotten in the state of Denmark,” says James W. Vaupel, a demographer who has investigated Danish bliss.

Great read : The Healing Heart

Question : What was the last book you read ? Amy, UK

Answer : I just finished The Healing Heart by Norman Cousins. I highly recommend it. It is the true story of the author surviving a heart attack and avoiding major surgery by giving his body the chance to fight back. He was a strong believer in the patient-Doctor relationship, and was invited to teach Doctors at UCLA about empowering their patients. Very inspirational read.