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As a Floridian I am deeply jealous of any one with a basement, attic or even an extra cupboard.

Here’s a peek inside 10 incredible Chicago lofts courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

Yes, I’m jealous, but it’s still worth a look.

Jefferson Street Bridge in Rockford, Illinois,...

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There’s An App For That …

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Here’s a nice App my buddy Peter Shankman over at HARO recommended ….

Have you ever stood in front of your jam-packed closet wondering what to wear to work, on a date or to a special event? Have you ever bought the same item twice? Enter an AWESOME new App, My Style Fashion Assistant. On sale for $2.99, this new app allows you to take photos of your clothes, shoes, accessories and handbags, import them and visually mix and match them to create outfits, plan what to bring on a trip, remember what you wore to specific events by date, and save money by making the most out of your wardrobe. After combing through more than 73,000 apps, InStyle magazine named My Style Fashion Assistant as one of just eight that are best for shopping, saving, and amping up your style, in their Nov. 2009 issue. They said, “It’s the ultimate fashion organizer!” <>

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Cull Your Closet – Part 1

ClosetImage by dansays via Flickr

Here’s the first installment of a 5 part series on how to cull your closet.

Part 1

Be brutal. Find a charity of your choice and get a few big black bags out. Anything that you do not LOVE – throw in the bag. This is not about having a sympathy party over the expensive items you mistakenly bought, this is about having a closet that really works for you.

Once you’ve done the first round bring round a friend with a touch of OCD to help you extract more items.

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Systemize Your Life

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Spontaneity becomes are rare treat once our responsibilities get high enough.

The more systems we set up , the smoother the ride. Consider choosing a set time for the following : Date night, dry cleaning drop off /pick up, grocery shopping, library visits.

Once those have been automated consider adding more. Contrary to popular belief it is not automatting your life. It’s actually quite the opposite.

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The Challenge Continues

Iridium fountain pen nib, macro.Image via Wikipedia

Last week we unveiled a particularly simple sounding challenge of buying a pen and keeping it in the same place.

It should be getting quite annoying by now. Although, weirdly comforting to know you can trust yourself to find a pen when needed.

Don’t be discouraged, it’s becoming a habit – it will get easier. The fruits of your labour will ripen this week – I guarantee it.

Keep at it!

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Get ahead

Sunday is your day to get ahead. Take 15 minutes and drag yourself into an assigned room, turn off your phone, set your timer and get ahead. Choose one of the following :

Pick out your clothes for the week
Bag up your children’s snacks
Make your supper list
Soak legumes in ziploc bag in freezer
Send out birthday cards for the month
Tidy out the clutter from one specific room
Tidy out your car.

Good luck. It can be really empowering to finally stop living in the moment. Savour the feeling.

Re-Gift in Style

This time of year sparks the age-old discussion of gift giving which invariably leads to it’s cousin ….. re-gifting.

What’s your take ? Are gifts to be kept sacred forever ? Or does the thought alone count?

When you receive a present,” says Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, an interior designer in New York City and the founder of, “your duty is to receive it and thank the giver — not to keep the gift forever.”

I enjoy giving gifts, yet detest clutter. I would feel terrible if some-one cluttered up a part of their space on my account. Therefore I encourage proactive re-gifting where both the sender and recipient both know that re-gifting is fine.

I choose gifts such as current best seller books, classy tea towels, happy photo frames or beautiful house plants with a note at the end of the card saying ‘Thought you’d enjoy this. If you don’t love it please feel free to re-gift’.What better way to conserve resources and more importantly conserve clutter ?

Am I too brutal ? What would you do ? Please do share your thoughts