When Are You Most Productive ??

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Nothing is more important to my success than controllling my schedule. I’m most creative from 5am to 9am. if I had a boss or co-workers, they would ruin my best hours one way or another” Scott Adams, Dilbert Creator

We weren’t born with an innate ability to work best between 9am – 5pm. The fast path to working smarter is to figure out when you work the best, and just as importantly – when we produce the worst quality work.

Truly the first step to an easier day is to not just figure out what to do, but when to do.

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Great Stuff

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Dr Victor Frankl makes it onto my ‘hero’ list. Trust me when I tell you that the list is short. The link below shows rare footage from 1972 is a heart warming 4 minute speech as to why it is imperative to give every-one a chance at realizing their potential. Fabulous. Shame we can’t clone him.


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The Price of Inaction

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The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake.” – Meister Eckhart.

We are all guilty on some level of pushing off those items we are scared to fail at.

However, not taking that next step is far worse than any mistake you could possibly make.

So the next time you have a flash of insight or a creative idea – go ahead and plan the next step. Worse case – you’ll stumble, fall and dust yourself off.

Chances are that you’ll learn something in the process, so it wouldn’t be 100% mistake. Inaction however, (unless we’re talking about whacky wild and dangerous ideas) is most certainly guaranteed a 100% failure.

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Productivity Challenge : Night Owl Meets Early Bird

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This Productivity Challenge Of The Week Aint Gonna Be Pretty …… But It Will Be Productive.

Are you a night owl or an early bird ???

Chances are that you’ve categorized yourself one way or the other. Truth be told, we all like to work uninterrupted ….. so based on our habits growing up we set up shop either side of the clock.

That’s fine unless it’s holding you back.

Are you unable to fit in exercise because you’re too busy hitting the snooze button or too exhausted at night to meet good friends because your eyes are closing ?

Consider tweaking your bird like tendencies and be more flexible regarding power naps, not burning the midnight oil every night of the week or occasionally waking up early for a jog.

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