Streamlined Babygift Giving

Streamlined Baby Gift Giving

You know the scenario already: Your friend/cousin/ neighbor gives birth. You want to get her something special, practical and personal. Not sure where to get the perfect item, you wait a little. And a little longer. And then you cringe when you realize it’s the baby’s first birthday and you still owe that newborn gift!

We’ve all been there and, in retrospect, it’s way too many decisions to make!

It makes sense, then, to streamline the process and bypass the decision-making center in our brains and reduce GBGGA (Global Baby Gift Giving Anxiety).

Here’s how:

Simply decide on the one item that you love that also fits your budget. Then either stock up on them or always have the website handy and – voila! – you’ll be delivering the gift before the mom has time to deliver the baby.

One of my friends treats the new Mom to a massage, my Mom keeps super soft pink and blue blankets in stock and I prefer the personalized blankets on the website http://www.namelynewborns.comIt’s your call, just streamline that gift giving in a manner that works for you.


Stop Researching

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Stop researching and find some-one out there who knows the information. Chances are most people are happy to share their experience and it will save you oodles of time.

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7 Steps Towards A Cleaner Car

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1) Keep a pack of babywipes within arms reach.

2) Keep old plastic bags in the passenger side door and use as garbage bags

3) Discipline yourself to do a clean out as you fill gas.

4) Teach yourself and your passengers of all ages to never leave the car empty handed.

5) Do a thorough cleaning every sunday

6) Keep a staple of almonds or granola bars in the glove compartment for emergency munchies.

7) Most importantly – realize that you have the potential to be a hero in your child’s/ grandchild’s/ niece & nephew’s eyes if you take them for a whiz through a drive through car wash. A small price to pay for instantly becoming some-ones favorite person of the week !

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Cultivating Your ‘To – Don’t’ List

Spoiler alert ! Stop eating for a moment and take a deep breath ….. It’s not about doing it ALL, it’s about doing it most. If you are running around ragged then most likely you have too much going on.

Think through your priorities and give up some of your non essential commitments. That will free up more time and energy for the essentials.

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