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Deciding to Decide

From choosing new shoes for the children to buying a new phone, to dinner plans to travel plans, there is no avoiding decision making. Go to the store to buy some salad, then washing detergent and then a bottle of shampoo. By the time you’ve chosen all 3 you would have looked through over 300 products – no wonder we get dizzy making decisions !

Day to day life does require a sizeable amount of decisions to be made. So here’s a basic decision making guide :

Making decisions can be grueling if you’re already having a rough day, there will be times when you will need to save your brain cells and your sanity and decide not to decide.

There are certain decisions that you want to be meticulous over, such as choosing doctors, hospitals and vacations. Many other decisions can be ‘ pass-fail’, determine right away the level of time and energy is needed so you don’t over research each decision.

Morning time is preferable for multi-layer decision making when your mind is clearer

Outsource the decision altogether by asking some-one else how they navigated a scenario similar to yours. Consider asking friends, googling a possible answer or if appropriate even posting a question on Facebook.

The more systems you have in place the less you’ll have to use the decision making part of your brain. So go ahead and plan your menus, get your clothes organized ahead of time and have a consistent date night, the fewer decisions you need to make the better.

That’s my decision and I’m standing by it.

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