Unitasking In A Multi-Tasking World

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If you want to be sure to look busy at work, stick a cell phone in your ear while you type feverishly on your computer while giving directions to a co-worker. Hey – we all multi-task – right ?

Nope. Not those of us who want to get work done in an effective manner.

You see Tim Ferriss, Author of the Four Hour Work Week writes that being busy is another form of laziness. ( Re-read that sentence, it’s golden)

So next week how about going against the tide and uni-tasking ? I know, it sounds archaeic and we know you like moving through your day at the speed of lightning but here’s the kicker : multi-tasking is truly a misnomer.

The brain doesn’t get compute multi-tasking. It wants to email, text or talk. Not do them all at once. It likes to do one thing from A-Z , not a whole slew of random items from A –D and then having to remember where it left off and where it has to take that D in order to get it to G. Way too confusing. That’s what causes brain fog and other forms of forgetfulness and no doubt a whole host of toxicity in the body.

So do your self a favour, identify the key items to take care of ahead of time and attack them one by one. It’s uni-tasking in rapid succession. Your productivity will soar, your memory will return and your brain will humbly thank you, and that’s a good thing.

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Iron on Sanity : Review of MD Labels

5 Star Product

Oh the joys of finding your children’s clothing in the wrong drawers !

We knew we needed a system in place, however I wanted an easy, affordable and sustainable solution.

After a little surfing for a suitable answer I came across www.irononmdlabels.com and thought they had a great product.

They offer iron on labels in an assortment of colors and a choice of fonts. I ordered a color for each child with the same font for all of them. They offer a script font that makes me feel more intelligent, almost like I had painstakingly written them myself. Could this be too good to be true ?

Apparently not. The labels arrived within the week and were a pleasure to use. I simply stacked up the childs clothing and they ironed on within 20 seconds per item. You need to hold the iron in place so that the label adheres to the clothing really really well. They came out of the washing machine and dryer unharmed 🙂

All in all a fabulous product. Highly recommended for some ‘iron on’ sanity.

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A Thought For Thursday

Marestail shows moisture at high altitude, sig...Image via WikipediaEver heard weather forecasters say ‘ party sunny’ somedays and then ‘partly cloudy’ on other days ?

There’s no difference !

I personally believe it all depends on the weather forecaster’s mood. If he’s having lawyers running after him for alimony, then we’ll be having more than our fair share of cloudiness.

Saw him buying a new gizmo for himself ? You can be sure there will be sun shining down on you !

Check your own barometer .. will the sun be coming out tomorrow ?

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The Power Of The Extra Hour

Koala sleeping on a tree topImage via WikipediaTonight has to be my favorite night of the year. It’s the night we turn the clocks back. For us living in Miami we’ve been putting our kids to bed in broad daylight and putting them into the car in the mornings in pitch black.

Aside from the tangible benefit of putting children to be in the dark there is another massive benefit.
Having the ability to re-train our minds to go to sleep a little earlier due to the darker evenings is a fabulous gift also. Is there any-one you know who actually claims to get enough sleep ? Have you read about the host of things our body does to re-charge itself while we lie there snoring ?
Bottom line : Grab a few extra minutes of sleep.
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