Decisions Are An Ugly Species.

KENZImage via WikipediaWhat are decisions ??

They are an ugly species.

They take a happy sunny day and throw a rainstorm our way. Decisions involve our egos. Our fragile sense of selves and our aversion to not doing a good job or heaven forbid not being perfect.

Ever noticed how when some-one at checkout says ‘how are you ?’ that most people don’t even answer !!!!! My personal opinion is that people don’t want to decide !!!!

Whether it’s a cereal choice or a choice of vacation, we hold off. Ask any airline how they make the bulk of profit. Delayed decision making is a surefire money maker.

So what is the answer ? Plan A : Decision-less living is the way to go
Plan B : Learn how to make decisions. We’ll discuss it more in detail at another date.

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5 Essential Rules For A Streamlined Kitchen

This week I am a guest on the awesome website ….

5 essential rules for a streamlined kitchen

in DINNER ON THE TABLE, EATING, HOW TOOur guest today, Rivka Caroline, is a mom of 7 and a self confessed time- and space-management junkie living in Florida. Without a lot of time or space to spare, Rivka is obsessed with new ways to save both; she won’t stop blogging till moms work smarter not harder and take the time to nurture themselves.

I asked her to share a few tips for getting my kitchen under control. And, of course, yours.

Time in the kitchen is seldom the Martha Stewart moment we envisioned. We are often under a time crunch, marinating ourselves in doubt over the protein choices and organic indecision we all face. Who has the time or strength for a kitchen makeover? Follow these simple, timeless rules towards a calmer culinary experience.

The dream: full-on kitchen makeover (by ecohome)

The reality: lil helpers, messy food, clutter (by tempophage)
1. Location. Location. Location.
Yes, the laws of Real Estate apply in the kitchen just as much as they do on Madison Avenue. Assess the prime real estate and make sure you using your square footage wisely. The top dollar locations are those within easy reach, the lower rent goes to the cupboards and drawers out of reach and the super cheap rent is for the spaces that you need a ladder to get to. Move the key items to a better location.

For the rest of the article click over to the awesome

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