Wednesday Wisdom

_________Image by MichaelDGV via FlickrIt’s much more healthy to believe in yourself and the future than to worry about them

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Cultivating Your ‘To-Don’t’ List

An egg in an egg cup in the little-endian orie...Image via WikipediaWith so much talk about battling our ‘to-do’ lists we rarely have time to focus on their nemesis – the ‘to-don’t’ list. After a certain point in time, normally somewhere between baby number 2 and moving home for the third time we realize that we have to chose where all that depleted energy goes. By proactively choosing what you are not going to do, you are deciding ahead of time what you are going to do.

So, by spending an extra hour at the park in gorgeous weather you maychoose to serve non-gourmet boiled eggs, pasta and an omega 3 caplet. Or you may choose to say no to the park and make a gourmet dinner.
Here’s the kicker, there is no absolute right and wrong. By allowing yourself to be human and not have to do everything you free up your time and headspace to enjoy what you have prioritized to do.
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