Idea Lab – One Size Fits All

Today I had the distinct pleasure of giving a time management workshop to the Strategic Planning & Innovation team over at Sloan-Kettering, NY. This is one of the more creative, intelligent and fun teams that I have met.We had the workshop in the ‘Idea Lab’, the title was enough to pique my curiosity … yet when I saw the walls I was enthralled.

This team takes it’s work seriously ! They had to re-design an element at Sloan -Kettering and went about it by fleshing out their walls with incredible ideas rooted in the main goals they had researched ahead of time. See the photo below – lots of pieces of paper, lots of stickers reflecting team agreement and lots of incredible ideas hatched.
The team had a fun time and incredible ‘out of the box’ ideas were suggested and a nice percentage will be implemented.
So here’s the kicker – think of our lives … think of the areas that need to be tweaked ….. where is our idea lab ? Where do we get to truly think outside of the box and come up with innovative ideas that are congruent with our values ?
From the children’s lunches to new marketing strategies – we all need an idea lab !
I committed to creating one. I am thinking about where I am going to create one in my home, I will keep you all posted.

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