Don’t Do Until Others …..

You’ve heard the famous teaching about not doing something we don’t like to some-one else. In addition to this stellar advice I’d also like to cut the sentence to fit this blog namely : Do not do something YOU don’t like. Period.

Seriously, define what is loathsome to you and commit to get rid of it, outsource it or do it differently.

Life is too short to be spent doing things that drain you.

Is ironing boring you to tears? Barter with a neighbor. Still no luck? Call local ironing services and eat macaroni and cheese for an extra night if budgetingVarious antique irons.
is tight.

Doing things differently involves paring something really fun during the boring task or immediately after. So if scrubbing down the shower is horrific be sure to blast some awesome music or treat yourself to a Skype session with a good friend overseas.

The main point is to identify what is unpleasant and to make it go away…or at the very least be creative in ways to make it pleasant!

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The Organized Life is A Journey

They say that getting more organized is a little like losing weight. We do have to believe in the end goal but can’t fool ourselves into thinking that one ‘good’ week will result in going down 3 dress sizes. We must be careful not to confuse the certainty that we will succeed with the discipline to confront the brutal facts of our current reality. So whether you are working on getting the kids to bed earlier, making dinners ahead or clearing the clutter from around the house, don’t go looking for incredible overnight results. It’s like those lego bricks the kids play with the end result is being built brick by brick.

So the getting to a more organizeLego helicopter
d stress-free life is a process and a direction not an overnight destination.

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The Value of Clear Headspace

I often ‘sell’ the concept of the incredible value of clear ‘headspace‘. Essentially when our minds are cluttered with the mundanities of life, we are unable to think and act in a flourishing manner.

We get by on a ‘ gotta get this off my mind’ mindset rather than a ‘ wow – that’s an interesting idea – how can I apply this to my life?’ mindset.
Today I had that exact experience. For multiple reasons I have outsourced my shopping, so today Shopping cartwhen I ran into a store I didn’t have my head buried in my list, I was simply walking in to pick up some chocolate ( no comments please). So when a lady I recognized from a while back walked by me I had the clarity of mind to say hello to her.
It turns out that in the decade since I had last seen her she had become an Educational Specialist and serendipitously that was exactly what I was looking for for one of my children.
I had no idea she was even in the country still and having worked with her really nicely years ago made her the perfect fit for us. We exchanged pleasantries and business cards and I will sit down with her and hatch a plan next week.
This is was an exponential gain for me and proved to me once again the tangible value of having a clear mind.