Thank you dear airlines, thank you

It seems that the Airlines have done us all a huge favor. Now that most airlines charge us for a second piece of luggage we are going to have to think before we pack.

We have become such ‘what if’ packers. What if it rains, what if it snows, what if there is a heat wave .. by the time we have finished packing we look like we are emigrating. And who even uses half the items we pack !!

Bottom line is that from now onwards we will be more inclined to think what we will really be needing, and pack accordingly. Consider this : It makes packing quicker, a more efficient use of space, less shlepping, less unpacking and much freer on the mind.
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Worst case we can actually pick up a couple of extra forgotten items.

Flying with less fatigue and a lighter mental and physical load. Thank you dear airlines, thank you.
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