It’s What You Do After You Buy The Book That Counts

A stack of bookshelves at the Health Sciences ...Image via WikipediaOrganizing Home Libraries

In a perfect world we would buy a book and put the book on our perfectly organized bookshelves. Period.

Instead, we find out bookcases somewhat cluttered, waiting for the perfect rainy afternoon to organize them the way they should be organized. And truth be told, we don’t even want all the books we own anyway.

Here are a few tips that work in our home.

1) Don’t keep all the books you buy.
Seriously, some books are not what you thought they were, some books and an interesting ‘once in a lifetime’ read and others are keepers. Find friends, libraries and classrooms that want your hand me downs. Consider selling them back to the online / bricks and mortar store you bought them from, just don’t keep books in your home just because.

2) Make sure you have enough room.
Sometimes we forget that bookcases are not elastic. Consider buying more bookcases if necessary.

3) One in one out.
Once you’ve established your bookcase set up consider implementing a ‘one in one’ out rule. It prevents the clutter and encourages you to keep your home library current.

4) Think before you buy
Next time you find yourself with a freshly printed tome in your hands ask yourself where it will go, what it might replace and if there are other options available to you rather than buying. Perhaps you can borrow a friends or purchase it digitally. A book in the hand will not always be worth one on your shelf.

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5 thoughts on “It’s What You Do After You Buy The Book That Counts

  1. The one-in-one-out rule can be a hard one to stick with. It's easy enough if you buy a single book, but what happens when a friend with similar reading tastes brings over a bag of novels she's finished that you will probably enjoy? 🙂

  2. Jannet, That is so nice you have a friend with similar taste. You can give her a back with books you enjoyed. Than it is one back in one back out!I was thinking about a "pool" for books. Than you also need a system, does someone has that?Gilah

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