Tweaks from the top

Tweaks from the top:

A good CEO doesn’t live or die by adhering to existing systems. Instead he/she knows when to tweak them to serve customers or clients.

As the CEO of your home, there are a g’zillion systems that constantly need tweaking — meals, snacks, uniforms, — so be organized and start thinking ahead now and incorporate some predetermined tweaks into your life. You know your daughter is going to lose her latest hairband and have a melt down every few weeks, so have one on hand to protect the innocent as you run for the school bus.

SoBeStory: You pull up to the school with your youngest and realize that he (he, not you, but more on that later) had forgotten his snack — again. We all know that panic isn’t in the parental toolbox, so quickly reach into the trunk for your survival satchel and finangle a quick replacement of Cheerios and raisins, complete with baggie.

A CEO-ordered tweak from the scheduling department, with a slight assist from strategic planning.

Good job Mama, you planned for the inevitable. Junior is going to have a better day and you will sleep soundly tonight.

Make sure this gets reflected in your year-end bonus.

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Connecting the Dots

Ever had one of those days where life gets so overwhelming that we use all our energy fighting the overwhelming urge to crawl up in our beds in a fetal position ?
Managing the schedules of the children, Mom and Dad, the pets, the car , the home can be enough to make the best of us a little cranky once in a while.

So 2 weeks ago it was my turn to lose the plot. Seriously. Most days I can juggle things well but I just couldn’t get ahead of the curve. So I did what good people do …. I consumed huge quantities of caffeine and sugar .. it didn’t get me ahead of the game. So I did the next best thing and totally dumped all my troubles on the shoulders of my innocent friend Laura over at Hollywood Memorial’s therapy waiting room.
I was alot better after a good therapy session and didn’t have to throw the whole day in the garbage, however it wasn’t until later on that day that I GOT IT.
You see, life as a parent is very much a dot to dot puzzle. Most of the time we can see where we are going with the dot to dot puzzle. We see a shoe, a flower or a giraffes foot. However, every once in a while whether the days are super hectic, a particular child is going through a rough patch or we are sleep deprived we start to lose the plot. Literally.
We lose the ability to look at the dot to dot puzzle and see the mushroom, toy car or chicken. Thats when we start to crumble, thats when we feel overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel.

What can I say? It is an inevitable part of parenting to have rough days. Just know that if you find yourself in the same position and after consuming caffeine and sugar by the truckload you still aren’t budging. And if you’ve chewed off a few friends ears and you still feel yucky then go ahead and take a deep breath and focus on all the good stuff you have accomplished, all the dots you have connected.
Go ahead and allow yourself to think about what is going on right here and right now. Maybe just maybe there is a specific corner of your world that is slightly unraveling and needs your concentration to connect those dots again. That worked for me, who knows, it might help someone else find that little flower on the right hand side of their dot to dot too.

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Being Busy Is Inevitable … Being Anxious Is Optional

Being Busy Is Inevitable … Being Anxious Is 

Seriously.  Who would have thought ? 

Poster from the United Kingdom reading "K...Image via WikipediaCoffee and milk, ice in my latte and my two new boots.  Joined at the hip, never to be untwined.
Then the thought struck me ( literally) one day, that hard work and anxiety are not Siamese twins.

So many of us synthesize the two together. Where did that come from ? Since when did our busy work in the back yard as toddlers translate into anxious work as we get older ? 

I think we need to work on separating the two. 

I know alot of Moms and one thing I can assure you is that we are not scared of hard work. We each have alot of people depending on us to feed, clothe, empathize, validate  and be kind to them. 

The hard work ahead is inevitable, but any anxiety is optional.

Our brains tend to learn even if we want them to or not, so from here on I am going to work on untraining my brain to get anxious, I just find it so toxic and useless too.


So I challenge you to take the choice to separate the two and don’t equate yourself with your latest mistake.  Work hard and even harder just forget to get anxious ( or something like that). And you all know that I am talking to myself.

Organizing Tips for Creative Types :

The System Is The Solution, Michael Gerber.

Creating more systems in our lives does reduce anxiety, however if you are experiencing a different variety of anxiety at the prospect of taking your creativity and writing it down on the back of a postage stamp know that you are in good company, same too for organizing your home. 

Many of us feel initial resistance to boxing ourselves in. Think back to the time when you finally cracked the code on that perfect chocolate cake or when you finally worked out how to get your newborn to sleep. Or your morning cup of coffee, the way you explain to the barista to add the honey/splenda/ sugar when it is hot/ cold/ lukewarm and to not forget the soy  and to always/ never  shake it all up.

The beauty of these systems you already have working in your life is that you have discarded what does not work, you have worked out what works beautifully and you have chosen to stop reinventing the wheel.

So stick with me here, the  beauty of incorporating more of these system is that it will free you up to use your mind however you feel fit to without  being dragged down by the tyranny of constantly reinventing the wheel. Think of yourself magically turning into Michelangelo whose hands finally are free to paint after months of holding paint pots.

So rather than feeling constrained that you are being forced to live a life  devoid of color and spontaneity feel comfort in the notion that the saved energy from not constantly reinventing the wheel will free you up to add any amount of color into your world.

The same magic that your unique way of taking your coffee gives you can spread over into all aspects of your life. And the next time you are behind someone in line at Starbucks who cant quite make their mind up as to what they want …. and you hear their ‘humming and haaing’ and feel their anxiety you will nod sympathetically and be grateful for the simple systems in your life.

From plastic envelopes for your children’s puzzles to meal planning and beyond, these systems will free you up, not restrict you.