Uni Task In Rapid Succession

The brain doesn’t get the whole multi-tasking concept.

It wants to email, create, think, text, watch OR make a phone call, not do all at the same time.
Just like a Guinness Book of Records hot dog eating champion it likes to do one thing from A-Z and then go on to the next item and do that from A-Z, which is essentially uni tasking in rapid succession.
We have a tendency to do item A, from A- F, then interrupt with item B, which we do from A-M, which gets overtaken by Item C which we do from A-T.

That’s whats causing brain fog, you can pop as many Omega 3’s as you want, but until you respect the brain you’ll be forgetting stuff all over the place.
So do yourself a favor, identify the key items you need to take care of and take care of them in single file. Keep an ipad / note pad handy to jot down any other ideas that pop into your mind.
Just remember the record eating hot dog eater, one item at a time in rapid succession.
Your productivity will soar, your memort willl return and your brain will become your best friend and that’s a really good thing.

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