Tweaks from the top

Tweaks from the top:

A good CEO doesn’t live or die by adhering to existing systems. Instead he/she knows when to tweak them to serve customers or clients.

As the CEO of your home, there are a g’zillion systems that constantly need tweaking — meals, snacks, uniforms, — so be organized and start thinking ahead now and incorporate some predetermined tweaks into your life. You know your daughter is going to lose her latest hairband and have a melt down every few weeks, so have one on hand to protect the innocent as you run for the school bus.

SoBeStory: You pull up to the school with your youngest and realize that he (he, not you, but more on that later) had forgotten his snack — again. We all know that panic isn’t in the parental toolbox, so quickly reach into the trunk for your survival satchel and finangle a quick replacement of Cheerios and raisins, complete with baggie.

A CEO-ordered tweak from the scheduling department, with a slight assist from strategic planning.

Good job Mama, you planned for the inevitable. Junior is going to have a better day and you will sleep soundly tonight.

Make sure this gets reflected in your year-end bonus.

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