Essential Laundry Room Tips

Check out for some laundry room tips by yours truly.

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What should Organized Living do for me ?

Organized living means clearing out the clutter from our lives, in terms of time, money, and psychological space, so that those things that are the highest priority are ensured a place of importance.

It means living purposely, not getting caught up in the call of the urgent but rather learning to keep our eyes on a pre-determined goal.

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No more food for thought … Your meal plan ….. on an index card.

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I often get asked which book or website I recommend for meal plans. Hear this one ladies – get an index card, the last thing you need is a website to give you more choices.

Step away from the cook books, websites and from the notion of perfect.

Think back to the past few suppers you felt proud of, weren’t too time consuming and everyone ate. Add a starch, soup and salad

Write them on the index card along with the name of the protein. So Monday might be Fish : Breaded salmon, pasta, broccoli & lentil soup.

Keep your protein topics as your golden rule, so from now on Monday nights is fish night. Have tilapia next week if you want a change. Just limit your choice of choices and stop making decisions, just focus on the issue at hand which is getting the supplies in advance, cooking the food and carrying on with the rest of your day.

Yes you can bulk cook, yes you should use your crock pot, sure you can change your supper if you have the time to make some herb crusted fancy fish your husband loves. Just remember – it’s the decision making that is stalling you – it’s paralysis by analysis.

Refer back to your index card each Sunday and get ahead ….. now that’s food for thought !

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Transitioning From Just Enough to Just In Case

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Clutter free living : A liberating scene for some, a call to arms for others.

Essentially, it’s a transition from ‘just in case’ to ‘just enough’.

Many of us were brought up with the ‘just in case’ mentality. I’ll keep those rainboots that don’t fit me just in case a guest needs to wear them in a sudden rain shower. Those extra towels ? I’ll hold onto them just in case …. ditto for the old rubbermaids, dusty umbrellas and those stained t-shirts.

It’s a false economy. Essentially all we are doing is using pithy excuses to clutter up our environment and postpone making decisions.

‘Just enough’ thinking is robust. It says proudly ‘I value my space and myself and should I run out of something I will run out and buy it’.

‘Just enough’ living whispers self respect in every decluttered cranny of the home.

The next time you hear yourself just incasing consider questioning the logic and push yourself out of your ivory tower of disillusion and pass those blessed items onto people that can certainly use them now as opposed to others that may benefit from them just in case.

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Cull Your Closet – Part 1

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Here’s the first installment of a 5 part series on how to cull your closet.

Part 1

Be brutal. Find a charity of your choice and get a few big black bags out. Anything that you do not LOVE – throw in the bag. This is not about having a sympathy party over the expensive items you mistakenly bought, this is about having a closet that really works for you.

Once you’ve done the first round bring round a friend with a touch of OCD to help you extract more items.

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