Connecting the Dots

Ever had one of those days where life gets so overwhelming that we use all our energy fighting the overwhelming urge to crawl up in our beds in a fetal position ?
Managing the schedules of the children, Mom and Dad, the pets, the car , the home can be enough to make the best of us a little cranky once in a while.

So 2 weeks ago it was my turn to lose the plot. Seriously. Most days I can juggle things well but I just couldn’t get ahead of the curve. So I did what good people do …. I consumed huge quantities of caffeine and sugar .. it didn’t get me ahead of the game. So I did the next best thing and totally dumped all my troubles on the shoulders of my innocent friend Laura over at Hollywood Memorial’s therapy waiting room.
I was alot better after a good therapy session and didn’t have to throw the whole day in the garbage, however it wasn’t until later on that day that I GOT IT.
You see, life as a parent is very much a dot to dot puzzle. Most of the time we can see where we are going with the dot to dot puzzle. We see a shoe, a flower or a giraffes foot. However, every once in a while whether the days are super hectic, a particular child is going through a rough patch or we are sleep deprived we start to lose the plot. Literally.
We lose the ability to look at the dot to dot puzzle and see the mushroom, toy car or chicken. Thats when we start to crumble, thats when we feel overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel.

What can I say? It is an inevitable part of parenting to have rough days. Just know that if you find yourself in the same position and after consuming caffeine and sugar by the truckload you still aren’t budging. And if you’ve chewed off a few friends ears and you still feel yucky then go ahead and take a deep breath and focus on all the good stuff you have accomplished, all the dots you have connected.
Go ahead and allow yourself to think about what is going on right here and right now. Maybe just maybe there is a specific corner of your world that is slightly unraveling and needs your concentration to connect those dots again. That worked for me, who knows, it might help someone else find that little flower on the right hand side of their dot to dot too.

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What Do You Dislike Doing ?

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Stop Doing What You Dislike Doing IMMEDIATELY.

Seriously, define what is loathsome to you and commit to get rid of it, outsource it or do it differently.

Life is too short to be spend doing things that drain you.

Is ironing boring you to tears? Bribe the kids or barter with a neighbor. Still no luck ? Call local ironing services and eat macaroni and cheese for an extra night if budgeting is tight.

Doing things differently involves paring something really fun during the boring task or immediately after. So if scrubbing down the shower is horrific be sure to blast some awesome music or treat yourself to a Skype sessions with a good friend overseas.

The main point is to identify what is unpleasant and to make it go away or at the very least be creative in ways to make it pleasant … ~ !

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Systemize Your Life Away

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As a Mom and Time Management junkie here’s one of my golden rules, which brings music to my ears every time I say …… Systemize !

Mom’s minds are too crammed full to create all that needs to be done daily. We need to reinvent the wheel as rarely as possible. In my world I systemize meal plans, bedtimes, quality time with kiddies, down time for Mom, shopping and of course date night !!Related articles by Zemanta

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Clutter Control : The Four Rules Of Disengagement

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I just read Gail Blanke’s book ‘ Throw Out Fifty Things’. It’s a nice motiviting book encouraging us to throw out .. well … fifty things.

Here are some tried and true guidelines for clutter busting. Blanke identifies four key rules of disengagement (how to decide what to get rid of):

One. If it – the thing, the belief or conviction, the memory, the job, even the person – weighs you down, clogs you up, or just plain makes you feel bad about yourself, throw it out, give it away, sell it, let it go, move on.

Two. If it (see above!) just sits there, taking up room and contributing nothing positive to your life, throw it out, give it away, sell it, let it go, move on. If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. Throwing out what’s negative helps you rediscover what’s positive.

Three. Don’t make the decision – whether to toss it or keep it – a hard one. If you have to weigh the pros and cons for too long or agonize about the right thing to do, throw it out.

Four. Don’t be afraid. This is your life we’re talking about. The only one you’ve got for sure. You don’t have the time, energy, or room for physical or psychic waste.

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When Mom Is Out For The Count

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What happens when Mom has to be absent from the kids daily routines because of sickness ?

Here are 3 of my sanity saving tips :

1) Make a ‘to do’ chart on poster board that kids can check off or put stickers on as they go along with rewards when its completed by a certain time.
2) Have Mom record one of their favorite bedtime stories for children to follow along with. It brings a sense of normal at a time that is quite trying for children.
3) Remember that the non-flourescent colored cereal ie cheerios is a perfectly nutritious supper.

What has worked for you ? Please let us knpw

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