What should Organized Living do for me ?

Organized living means clearing out the clutter from our lives, in terms of time, money, and psychological space, so that those things that are the highest priority are ensured a place of importance.

It means living purposely, not getting caught up in the call of the urgent but rather learning to keep our eyes on a pre-determined goal.

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Systemize Your Life

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Spontaneity becomes are rare treat once our responsibilities get high enough.

The more systems we set up , the smoother the ride. Consider choosing a set time for the following : Date night, dry cleaning drop off /pick up, grocery shopping, library visits.

Once those have been automated consider adding more. Contrary to popular belief it is not automatting your life. It’s actually quite the opposite.

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Re-Gift in Style

This time of year sparks the age-old discussion of gift giving which invariably leads to it’s cousin ….. re-gifting.

What’s your take ? Are gifts to be kept sacred forever ? Or does the thought alone count?

When you receive a present,” says Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, an interior designer in New York City and the founder of ApartmentTherapy.com, “your duty is to receive it and thank the giver — not to keep the gift forever.”

I enjoy giving gifts, yet detest clutter. I would feel terrible if some-one cluttered up a part of their space on my account. Therefore I encourage proactive re-gifting where both the sender and recipient both know that re-gifting is fine.

I choose gifts such as current best seller books, classy tea towels, happy photo frames or beautiful house plants with a note at the end of the card saying ‘Thought you’d enjoy this. If you don’t love it please feel free to re-gift’.What better way to conserve resources and more importantly conserve clutter ?

Am I too brutal ? What would you do ? Please do share your thoughts