Uni Task In Rapid Succession

The brain doesn’t get the whole multi-tasking concept.

It wants to email, create, think, text, watch OR make a phone call, not do all at the same time.
Just like a Guinness Book of Records hot dog eating champion it likes to do one thing from A-Z and then go on to the next item and do that from A-Z, which is essentially uni tasking in rapid succession.
We have a tendency to do item A, from A- F, then interrupt with item B, which we do from A-M, which gets overtaken by Item C which we do from A-T.

That’s whats causing brain fog, you can pop as many Omega 3’s as you want, but until you respect the brain you’ll be forgetting stuff all over the place.
So do yourself a favor, identify the key items you need to take care of and take care of them in single file. Keep an ipad / note pad handy to jot down any other ideas that pop into your mind.
Just remember the record eating hot dog eater, one item at a time in rapid succession.
Your productivity will soar, your memort willl return and your brain will become your best friend and that’s a really good thing.

Being Busy Is Inevitable … Being Anxious Is Optional

Being Busy Is Inevitable … Being Anxious Is 

Seriously.  Who would have thought ? 

Poster from the United Kingdom reading "K...Image via WikipediaCoffee and milk, ice in my latte and my two new boots.  Joined at the hip, never to be untwined.
Then the thought struck me ( literally) one day, that hard work and anxiety are not Siamese twins.

So many of us synthesize the two together. Where did that come from ? Since when did our busy work in the back yard as toddlers translate into anxious work as we get older ? 

I think we need to work on separating the two. 

I know alot of Moms and one thing I can assure you is that we are not scared of hard work. We each have alot of people depending on us to feed, clothe, empathize, validate  and be kind to them. 

The hard work ahead is inevitable, but any anxiety is optional.

Our brains tend to learn even if we want them to or not, so from here on I am going to work on untraining my brain to get anxious, I just find it so toxic and useless too.


So I challenge you to take the choice to separate the two and don’t equate yourself with your latest mistake.  Work hard and even harder just forget to get anxious ( or something like that). And you all know that I am talking to myself.

It’s What You Do After You Buy The Book That Counts

A stack of bookshelves at the Health Sciences ...Image via WikipediaOrganizing Home Libraries

In a perfect world we would buy a book and put the book on our perfectly organized bookshelves. Period.

Instead, we find out bookcases somewhat cluttered, waiting for the perfect rainy afternoon to organize them the way they should be organized. And truth be told, we don’t even want all the books we own anyway.

Here are a few tips that work in our home.

1) Don’t keep all the books you buy.
Seriously, some books are not what you thought they were, some books and an interesting ‘once in a lifetime’ read and others are keepers. Find friends, libraries and classrooms that want your hand me downs. Consider selling them back to the online / bricks and mortar store you bought them from, just don’t keep books in your home just because.

2) Make sure you have enough room.
Sometimes we forget that bookcases are not elastic. Consider buying more bookcases if necessary.

3) One in one out.
Once you’ve established your bookcase set up consider implementing a ‘one in one’ out rule. It prevents the clutter and encourages you to keep your home library current.

4) Think before you buy
Next time you find yourself with a freshly printed tome in your hands ask yourself where it will go, what it might replace and if there are other options available to you rather than buying. Perhaps you can borrow a friends or purchase it digitally. A book in the hand will not always be worth one on your shelf.

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Don’t Do Until Others …..

You’ve heard the famous teaching about not doing something we don’t like to some-one else. In addition to this stellar advice I’d also like to cut the sentence to fit this blog namely : Do not do something YOU don’t like. Period.

Seriously, define what is loathsome to you and commit to get rid of it, outsource it or do it differently.

Life is too short to be spent doing things that drain you.

Is ironing boring you to tears? Barter with a neighbor. Still no luck? Call local ironing services and eat macaroni and cheese for an extra night if budgetingVarious antique irons.
is tight.

Doing things differently involves paring something really fun during the boring task or immediately after. So if scrubbing down the shower is horrific be sure to blast some awesome music or treat yourself to a Skype session with a good friend overseas.

The main point is to identify what is unpleasant and to make it go away…or at the very least be creative in ways to make it pleasant!

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The Organized Life is A Journey

They say that getting more organized is a little like losing weight. We do have to believe in the end goal but can’t fool ourselves into thinking that one ‘good’ week will result in going down 3 dress sizes. We must be careful not to confuse the certainty that we will succeed with the discipline to confront the brutal facts of our current reality. So whether you are working on getting the kids to bed earlier, making dinners ahead or clearing the clutter from around the house, don’t go looking for incredible overnight results. It’s like those lego bricks the kids play with the end result is being built brick by brick.

So the getting to a more organizeLego helicopter
d stress-free life is a process and a direction not an overnight destination.

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